When it comes to the medical drug treatment of pain and inflammation in joints, Durolane is rapidly emerging as one of the aggressive treatments for the pain in the hip or the knee and is considered as the leading therapy for osteoarthritis nowadays. An injectable drug by nature, Durolane is a liquid that is injected into your joints, wherever you might be experiencing stiffness or pain.

The following review article is intended to discuss Durolane’s salient features and properties:

Composition / ingredients of Durolane

Speaking of its appearance, Durolane has a gel-like appearance and consists of non-animal Hyaluronic acid that lubricates the joints and makes movement easier and more effortless. It is a non steroidal drug. Durolane is manufactured using NASHA – an advanced patented process which yields a highly purified product i.e. Hyaluronic acid in a very concentrated form that is completely free of any animal-sourced materials with literally no impurities whatsoever.

What is Durolane used for (indications)?

The main indication / use of Durolane is for the rapid pain relief in the osteoarthritis of the knee joint which is not controlled by other ordinary measures such as oral analgesics (pain killers).

How does Durolane act?

Many arthritis suffers might be confused about what Durolane is and how it works in the body. Durolane is a manufactured gel that enables a person with joint problems to stop having them. It is injected directly where the trouble of mobility is occurring and hence the liquid type drug oils or greases the connecting joints to make movement simpler than it had become. It is just like supplying oil to the rusty chains of a bicycle so that it moves more easily and fluidly and does not cause any trouble for the rider.

Are there any drawbacks or limitations?

Durolane is not a tablet but an injection which only needs to be injected once. Therefore, if you require another dose, it will be after an estimated three to six months. Also, also, as the injection is given in the knee, the experience could be uncomfortable for some.

Is Durolane safe during pregnancy?

It is better to avoid Durolane injection in pregnant or nursing mothers as the safety and effectiveness of Durolane in pregnant and nursing women and children is not established yet.

Are there any side effects (safety profile)?

The process of injecting Durolane is a safe procedure and does not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes. According to the studies and clinical trials, Durolane has not yet caused any severe side effects in majority of users. However, in rare cases, a patient may develop little swelling and meek pain at the site of injection. However, these are common symptoms of that could occur after receiving any injection. Fortunately, the effects of the pain and swelling are known to last for a maximum of two days.

Is there any requirement for special care after injecting Durolane?

Durolane is generally considered as a mild injection which any specialist can easily administer. The time required for the procedure is also very less (short) and there are no specific instructions for having to take extra care of your body after having been injected. However, a patient should take it easy for a little while (maximum a week) and avoid jogging or any strenuous exercise.

The bottomline

A relatively safe treatment, Durolane injection is fast gaining fame especially for its effectiveness in the elderly people who do not want to undergo surgery of any kind (a hip replacement or a knee replacement surgery) or probably cannot afford to spend money on their surgeries are leaning towards Durolane injections. It is a medicine with a long term effect and since an average interval between its injections is almost half a year; it suits the people who do not want to go visit the doctor’s offices or hospitals for treatment on daily basis.

4 / 5 stars     

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